quite an enormous task

Rain, rain, rain, gray skies, snow, and more rain. Tomorrow I plan to start my beans and my squash so they get a leg up before I put them into the ground. I purchased a small seed starting tray with peat pellets and a clear plastic lid for this task.


just take the day off

I cut out the sod, tilled the soil, installed the pavers for the walls, and filled the new bed with compost--ready for potatoes when the moon is right. I used the sod to fill in a long narrow strip next to the garage. Next I put the post with the two Shepperd's Hooks into the ground and hung the Fuchsias up. The view from the kitchen window has been brightened nicely and the look of the front yard has really changed. I envision it gradually being turned to food growing space. Lastly I used some cheap top soil I bought to fill in the hole where I removed a Rose a few weeks back--the Rose is now living in a LARGE pot and doing well. Lightning is forecast for tomorrow.