Partly sunny. Cool and breezy. Trained a few Rose vines to the trellis. Ate two Raspberries and one Strawberry. Clipped some spent Rose blooms. Pulled weeds from around the same Rose. Removed the stake that was propping up the Japanese Red Maple.


no one's idea

Fairly warm. Ate a few Raspberries. Played with Whitey.


right smack in the middle

Upper 80s and still. Pulled up a volunteer tree and replanted it in a pot. Ate two Raspberries and two Strawberries. Trained two Climbing Rose canes to the trellis. Cleaned up dog poop. Mowed half of the back yard. Emptied and hosed out the lawn cart. Discarded some old pieces of plywood.


shout down those voices

Upper 70s and sunny. Deadheaded Petunias and Geraniums. Ate all the ripe Raspberries. Staked up the Raspberry canes that were drooping from the weight of the new fruit.


take care of yourself

Upper 70s , warm, and sunny. Played ball with my dog.


some projects of your own

Grey, overcast, and rainy with lightning and thunder. There was a huge downpour late last night that lasted about two minutes and another early today that lasted for about an hour--it continued to rain off and on all day.


conditions are ripe

Overcast and windy with patches of sun. Played with Whitey. Looked for but didn't find any ripe Raspberries.