step back in time

Middle 70s today. Sunny and breezy. Really soaked the Azalea that I moved a few weeks ago and watered all the other Azaleas and the Ferns. Filled up the bird bath. Cut spent Rose blooms from one Rose bush. Ate the last of the Raspberries and one Strawberry. Analyzed the situation and made tentative plans for things I have to do tomorrow. Sat in the sun for awhile. Gave my dog a new bone to chew on.


appease the situation

It was raining and grey this morning when I woke up. Now it is a sunny breezy 72º. Clipped the worn out Sweet Pea blooms and two spent Rose blooms. Pulled a Dandelion that was in the yard on the edge of a bed and some Crab Grass from around a Rose. Ate a handful of Raspberries and one Strawberry. Found two places where my dog had been digging. Filled the holes. Even though it had rained I had to water some droopy Raspberry plants that I have in a pot. Chewed on some fresh Mint. Sat in the sunny breeze and drank a glass of iced tea.


flushing the bird bath

The birds love fresh cool water. I think they can hear the water flowing when I flush the bird bath--they generally show up to play soon after I get out of the way.

anyone else's drama

Got up early today--it was supposed to be in the 90s but it only got to around 80º with a nice breeze. Sunny this morning and overcast this afternoon. Muggy. Watered all my flower beds and containers. Flushed the bird bath and filled it with fresh water. Sat in the sun for awhile. Picked up dog poop. Emptied the lawn cart and hosed it out. Sat in the shade for awhile. No berries to eat.


dreamy nature down to earth

Low 80s today with a nice breeze. Watered my container plants and the two new plants I planted yesterday. Scrubbed the bird bath with a mild bleach solution the rinsed and filled it with fresh water. Dug my canvas and wood deck chair out of the shed and sat and watched the Cassins Finches take baths for awhile. Got the sheep-dip tub/dog bathtub out of the garage, placed it in the hottest part of the yard and filled it up. When the sun had heated the water this afternoon I shampooed my dog then put flea medicine on him after he was dry. Right now I am syphoning the water from the tub onto that dried out part of the lawn--the shampoo is biodegradable. No ripe berries to eat.


fish out of water

Cooler today. I got up earlier than yesterday and went out to check on my flowers. Yelled at my dog for digging up two plants while I was away yesterday. Curiously they were both the same type of plant but were planted in two separate beds. I replanted one but the other had been out of the ground too long and was dried up. I plan to go purchase a replacement later. I watered a little and put fresh water into the bird bath. Cut old haggard blooms off of the Sweet Peas, Coreopsis, Salvia, Geraniums, and Petunias. Zip tied three Sweet Pea vines to the trellis. Ate three strawberries and two raspberries. Trained a couple of the Wisteria canes to the arbor. Still mad at my dog.


significant breakthrough

90º today. I didn't sleep well and got up very late. Watered my flower beds before the plants were too shriveled. Cussed myself for not watering last night. Ate two raspberries. Flushed bird bath. My Wisteria is out of control and I have no idea how or when to prune it. I guess I will just let it be until I have more information. It is an interesting plant.