raging in a million different directions or narrowing of focus

So much has been accomplished in the yard since my last post-new plantings, re-plantings, pruning, amending soil. on and on. Had a healthy crop of raspberries this year and added strawberries and blueberries to the mix out there. Just finished a new trellis for a Clematis that wants to be tall. No luck getting the Wisteria to bloom–maybe next year. Grew some cherry tomatoes. Re-shaped some flower beds. Cut an Azalea WAY back–it was stricken with a cancer like disease but it is coming back stonger than ever now. Found out I should have waited until winter to transplant the other two Azaleas. Only a samll part of one is alive and the other died and has been removed. I've been pulling out crab grass by hand and filling in the bare spots with Red Clover–I hate grass! More later if I get back here soon.