wet and wild

Huge downpour. Street flooded. Thunder and lightning. Sat on the covered patio and watched the rain.


follow your heart

Mid 60s. Sunny and windy. Ate the ripe Raspberries. Played with Whitey. Loosened up some dirt where I am going to plant some grass--the Azaleas I moved earlier in the Summer used to be there.


expand your intellectual horizons

80ยบ. Sunny and fair. Watered the containers and all the beds in the front yard. Ate all the ripe Raspberries and Strawberries.


nada mucho

Fair, mild, and sunny. Played with Whitey. Dismantled and emptied the bird bath. Watered the containers.


your socioeconomic standing

Fair and mild. Slight breeze. Ate a few Raspberries. Watered containers and the recently moved Azaleas. Deadheaded Petunias, Verbena, and Coreopsis.