soon it will all be worthwhile

Warm but comfortable. Watered everything front and back. Flushed the bird bath. Deadheaded Coreopsis and Petunias. Played with Whitey. Marked branches to be pruned this Fall with orange plastic ribbon.


a few just causes

79ยบ with a breeze. Ate the only ripe Raspberry. Propped up the lone volunteer Cosmos. Watered the back yard and the recently transplanted Azaleas. Picked up dog poop. Played ball with Whitey. Thought more about pruning trees.


fire your ambition and motivation

Mid 90s. Hot and still. Watered all the beds and containers. Cut the Hyssop back to the ground. Noticed a wasp nest that I am going to have to deal with. Cleaned up dog poop. Ate a few Raspberries. Flushed the bird bath.


enjoy the rest of the day

Mid 80s. Watered a bit. Flushed the bird bath. Ate a handful of Raspberries.


as if you have three heads

Overcast and cool. Picked up dog poop. Played ball with my dog. Clipped a few leaves off my Holly Tree Bonsai experiment. Ate one Raspberry from the new crop.


don't hesitate to get aggressive

Cloudy early. Patches of clouds later in the day. Cool and windy. Weed wacked along one side of the house and around the Azaleas on that same side. Cut a dead branch off one of the Azaleas. Mowed the front and side lawns. Watered the Azaleas and the beds in the front and side yard. Trimmed the Fuschia that was encroaching on the side gate. Cut Callow Lilies back to the ground. Picked up dog poop. Played ball with my dog. Emptied the lawn cart.


an electric energy in the air

Flushed bird bath. Deadheaded Petunias, Geraniums, Verbena, Coreopsis, and Wallflowers. Watered the container plants. Made mental notes for pruning trees in the future.