sudden boost upward

Very hot and muggy. Watered the container plants, the new Clematis, and the wildflower bed. Sat and talked with my Brother and my Niece.


what rises from within

Watched the Perseid meteor shower for about an hour around 2 AM. Saw numerous faint meteors due to cloudiness and two that were very bright. Planted the two Clematis I bought yesterday. Zip-tied them to the trellis. Flushed the bird bath. Played percussion instruments with my Grand Niece and Grand Nephew and watched them make mud. Watered the Rose clipping I am trying to root. Salvaged and replanted some pieces of the plants that my dog destroyed tonight while trying to bury his BBQ flavored rawhide bone. Added some soil and watered the bed.


don't push yourself too hard

Overcast, breezy, and cool with brief patches of sunshine. Took out all the Sweet Peas--the stems and leaves were turning yellow and they were about done blooming for the year. Amended the soil where they had been. Flushed the bird bath. Emptied the lawn cart. Gave the front lawn about one inch of water. Cleaned rotted Ornamental Plums off the driveway. Bought two new Clematis to put into the bed where the Sweet Peas had been.


rest and relax

Weather the same as yesterday--maybe a bit cooler. Cut Raspberry canes back to the ground. Weeded and cleaned the bed. Wired the new canes to the trellis. Filled up the lawn cart with the clippings. Added compost to the bed and watered. Contemplated yanking out the Sweet Peas. Showed the yard to my friend Gregg.


a bed of grass, a couple of rocks, or an alligator

Sunny, cool, and breezy again. Upper 70s. Enlarged and reshaped a flower bed. Used the sod to partialy fill in where the Azaleas used to be. Washed a bunched of rocks. Used them make a small gravel bed along the sidewalk. Placed three small potted plants on top of the gravel bed. Deadheaded one Lantana. Pulled up a dead Wallflower. Flushed the bird bath. Watered the Lilacs and the Japanese Maple.


from a point of inspiration

Sunny, cool, and breezy. Chased Whitey out of the largest bed. Pruned the Wisteria. Deadheaded Sweet Peas and Roses. Watered the Lilacs.


more intuitive than logical

Overcast early then sunny, breezy, and cool. Did a Bonsai experiment--used copper wire to bend the main stem--on a small Holly tree that I found growing under the first Azalea I moved. Dismantled and rebuilt/enlarged a bird house. Watered the plants that I moved yesterday. Sat in the sun for a bit.