the future forming within you

Dreary, cloudy, gloomy, overcast with drizzle. Bought a new garden ornament and placed it on a bed of gravel under the arbor. It is the head of Buddha resting on a Lotus. Most likely it will become a convenient object for Whitey to pee on.


consult a professional

Rain rain rain rain rain. Soggy muddy yard. Cloudy, gloomy, and grey skies. The roof over the patio seems to be leaking in a few places. It is hard to tell as at times it rains enough for water to get splashed onto the patio and sometimes I think the ground underneath gets so saturated that the slab sweats. At least the temperatures have been warmer the past few days. And now as I am typing this the downpour has increased and the skies have become much darker.


current state of mind


ripe with possibilities

Warmer today with some drizzle. Overcast. I discovered the broken plumbing source—an outside faucet valve had failed. After the usual nightmare dismantling someone else's shitty plumbing job and a trip across town to Home Depot to get new parts—a new Lowe's is opening soon only three blocks from my house—I was able to repair the break fairly easily. Running water is a luxury we take for granted. All the tools are put away and everything is buttoned up.


does not bode well

It just started to snow. That wasn't in the forecast.

ideas into the light

A stiff wind from the east. Sunny and clear this morning. Overcast this afternoon. Temperature still above freezing but freezing rain is in the forecast. Broken water pipes and no emergency plumber has responded to calls left on machines. Turned the water off at the city's meter. Took the access cover off and looked under the house. Couldn't find the break. Waiting. We have jugs of water on hand. Also had to turn the water heater off as it was overheating—just in the nick of time I fear. Checked Bonsai—soil still frozen. Scraped the moss from atop the soil in the Azalea's pot to prevent choking. Watered Bonsai and the Geraniums.