drawn in a new direction

Hotter still. Watered all the container plants. Flushed the bird bath. Working out of town.


a new stage in our development

Still hot. Watered everything early this morning. Working out of town.


another wave of creativity

About 75º. Still breezy. Stood around and looked at the flowers. Walked between the house and the shop innumerable times while working on the new floor in the house.


think about other things

Low 90s. Still breezy but today it is a hot wind. Got up early and soaked everything in anticipation of the coming heat. Sat in the shade under the Lilac. Chewed on some Mint.


electricity in the air

Close to 90º. There is still a nice onshore breeze with gusts. Watered the container plants and the hot spots in the beds. Flushed the bird bath. Cut back a few unruly Wisteria canes. Cut the grass on the edge of the Wisteria bed. Weeded and tilled the soil in the same bed. Sat in the shade of a Lilac and watched the Sparrows catch insects and feed their babies--three houses have hatchlings now. Watched a Dragonfly rest on a fence. Talked with my Sister-in-Law about spritzing your pets with lemon water to control fleas.


watery perspective

Low 80s but still breezy. Picked up dog poop. Mowed one section of the back yard. Deep watered the lawn under the neighbors Lob Lolly Pine where rain seldom falls. Cut off dried Sweet Pea blooms. Watered the beds and the Azaleas in the front yard. Hosed off and scrubbed three more lawn chairs. Emptied the lawn cart.


become a mediator

Cool and breezy again today. Cut dried up blooms from Petunias, Geraniums, Coreopsis, Gaillardia, and Sweet Peas. Ate a few Raspberries. Pulled up Crab Grass and Morning Glories that were coming through the fence from my neighbors yard. Cut dried foliage off the Peonies. Cleaned up dog poop. Hosed bird shit off the lawn chairs. Sat in my old "Patsy Kline" swivel rocker and chewed on some Mint. Watched Sparrows in two of the bird houses feed their new hatchlings. Watered all the beds and containers this evening in case it is hot tomorrow. Didn't do any of the things I had planned to do today.