get down from the clouds

Nearly 80º with a strong cooling wind. Looked around a bit. Talked to my dog.


a chance of pessimism

Fairly warm and sunny with a few wispy clouds. Watered a bit and sat around in a lawn chair petting my dog. Cleaned up dog poop. Trained some new Rose canes to their trellis. Emptied the lawn cart.



Warm and sunny. Watered a little. Tried to flood/drown the wasp nest.


make more room for your dreams

Grey, rainy, misty. Cool. Patches of sun in the afternoon. Re-potted a Geranium and a Petunia. Pulled out two annual Salvia and a few Petunias that were root bound.


adjustments need to be made

Cool and windy. Patches of sun in the afternoon. Got stung by two wasps. Took my revenge by dousing their nest with Raid Hornet and Wasp Killer. Watched a Hummingbird feed on the Fuchsias. Played Frisbee with my Grand Niece, Grand Nephew, and my Mom.


a day for celebration

Much cooler and breezier than the last few days. Still sunny. Flushed the bird bath. Fixed a fence. Pulled a few weeds. Moved a small viney ground cover plant to the bed where I planted the new Clematis. Deadheaded the Petunias and the Geraniums. Watered a bit.


simply in thanks

Very hot and still. Sheared/pruned the five Azaleas in the front yard. Cleaned weeds and grass out of the seams in the driveway. Watered everything front and back.

Addendum 16.8.05: Officially the temperature was 97º--breaking a record here for this date.