keep it real today

Saturday I went to the a garden center and purchased two Sheppard's Hooks, a bag of cheap top soil, and a seed starter kit. I attached the Sheppard's Hooks to a pole that I intend to put out in the front yard so I can hang up two Fuchsias. The top soil is to fill in a hole where I took a Rose out--I put the Rose into a large pot and it is doing great. The seed starter kit is to get a head start on the squash and the beans. It has a tray, peat pellets, and a clear lid. It is like a little greenhouse.

Yesterday was extremely stormy with powerful gusting winds. The wind blew stuff down outside. Still I went out and potted three Primroses I bought the night before when I went to the store. They have them on a rack next to the main entrance with a Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon--I can't resist. It has been cold and rainy for days now and I haven't been outside yet today. I should go out now but I'm not sure what I would do out there.


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