go to either extreme

Finally I was able to get some seed potatoes from the nursery. I got some Russets and some Red Potatoes. Two days ago I finished salvaging bricks and pavers from my neighbor's yard--she is in foreclosure and I paid her for miscellaneous stuff from her yard. I am going to use some large pavers turned on edge to make some raised beds for the potatoes.

In between going to the grocery store and to a grand niece's birthday party I re-potted two of my Bonsai trees. I am hoping they live--I put them into smaller more appropriate pots.

Unfortunately I have to report for jury duty in the morning.


walking a tightrope

I failed to mention yesterday that I planted two varieties of peas--Oregon Sugar Pod Peas and Alaska Early Bush Peas. The Oregon are climbers and the Alaska are very early to harvest. I am heading outside now to see what more can be done today.



go easy on everyone

Wind, rain, sleet, sun, snow, hail, repeat. Nevertheless I got my peas planted--within the time frame of the favorable moon--and set a post for the pole beans. I also finalized in my head where my different crops will be placed this year. Stopped by the nursery and still no seed potatoes. "Maybe tomorrow."