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Watered my Bonsai—I'm very worried about the freezing temperatures. Watered Geraniums that are hiding in the garage. Pruned Forsythia. Cleaned up dog poop.


At 7:14:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

today we slid around on wet ice in the rain. everything is buried in 3 feet of wet snow...planters, flowerpot racks, hoses, garden tools, gas can for lawnmower, ladder...all the stuff that didn't get put away. we had a couple weeks of single digit temps, but that has all changed. now dog poop floats away as soon as it's deposited. warm as it is, there will only be 2 feet of snow on the ground tomorrow. got my 4wd and defroster/heater blower fixed (all on warranty...yippee!) so no-slippy with good visibility. went 2 weeks without the defroster and a winter-plus without 4wd. hit an owl on our way back from ANC saturday. he came in low from my left and hit us right below the driver side rear view mirror. went back for him and he had a mouse still warm. pretty weird. got him in a bag with mouse to see if a guy wants to mount them. Otherwise his wings might wind up on a viking helmet. So...Sarah's on Christmas Eve you said?? see if this gets to you. I don't have e mail set up...duhhh....at home, so I need to get that done. good equipment underused. bob


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