plunge wildly on ahead

Overcast this morning. Sunny with a cool breeze in the afternoon. Flushed the bird bath. Cleaned up dog poop. Rearranged three rocks in a bed and moved the Echinacea to the space where the rocks had been. Moved some Flox that the Forsythia was crowding to where the Echinacea had been. Spread compost around the base of these transplants. Cut back a plant that I don't know the name of to the ground. Moved/grouped the Petunia, Geranium, Salvia containers to/in an empty spot at the base of the European Mountain Ash. Cut some dead growth off an Azalea. Moved a well established large Azalea to the large bed next to my neighbor's fence--I had planned to do this a couple weeks ago. Hosed dirt off the sidewalk next to where the Azalea had been--I know it's a waste of water but please don't hold it against me. Leveled out the space where the Azalea had been. Used the hedge trimmer to shear two other Azaleas. Weeded the Fern bed. Cleaned up/trimmed the edge of the Fern bed. Emptied the lawn cart. Watered everything well. Sat and watched the birds take baths.


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